The Next Success Story


Hockey is no doubt the fastest most dynamic sport in the world. There is no sport where things happen as quickly and situations change as drastically in an instant as the sport of Hockey. What that means to your athlete is that from the moment they step on the ice they have to be prepared to compete. Awareness, technique, positioning and posture needs to be perfect. That only happens with repetitive practice and touches. Your athlete needs to be touching the puck 1,000 times per week… not just 100. That is what this progam is about. Your athlete learning the skills to give them the confidence and edge they need on the ice to be the next success story.



Speed of Play

Anticipating and being ready to adapt to everything happening on the ice is what makes a good player a great one – this program will get you there.

Puck Control

The drills in this program will develop these Skilz and instincts. The stick…the puck..the skates– they become apart of you.


Our program is designed to show you the technique and dgiv eyou the repetitions required for this confidence.